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Category: Library Exhibits

Information about exhibits on display in the Library.

Open Access Week: What is It, and Why Does It Matter?

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In its eighth year, Open Access Week is a global event that inspires research and academic communities to learn more about open access, the potential benefits it has to offer, and the power it has to transform the overall advancement of scholarship.

Meet Our Talented Student Assistants: Anna Coria from the Exhibits Program

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Meet Anna Coria, from our Library Exhibits Program. Anna is a student assistant and art history major who does high impact practice work for our Library Exhibits Coordinator.

Bestselling Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Kevin J. Anderson Shares a Narrated Video Tour of Our Dune 50th Anniversary Exhibit

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Anderson recorded a two-part narrated walk-through of the exhibit, and has made the videos publicly available on his Facebook profile. Enjoy a look at the exhibit while Anderson shares his own commentary and memories.