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Celebrate National Library Week with These Books

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This year, we celebrate National Library Week from April 19-25, 2020 and the Pollak Library is celebrating by sharing a few of our favorite books.

The theme for National Library Week 2020, “Find your place at the library,” though the emergence of this global pandemic has temporarily closed many physical spaces of libraries, you can still find your place as libraries are open for business online, providing the virtual services and digital content for the Titan community.

Here are a few favorites recommended by the Pollak Library faculty and staff.

The 57 bus

The 57 bus

Author: Dashka Slater

Recommended by: Joy Sage, Reference & Instruction Librarian, Criminal Justice, Geography, Environmental Studies

The 57 bus is a true story of two teenagers on a bus in Oakland, CA.  One teen is African American the other is from the LGBT community.  One lights the other on fire.  Author Dashka Slater covered the story when it first happened and interviewed both families involved.  The story is told by presenting both sides equally.

The Globalized Library

The Globalized Library

Author: Yelena Luckert with Lindsay Inge Carpenter

Recommended by: John Hickok, International Outreach Librarian, TESOL, Communications

I’ve been reading this book recently since it relates to my job responsibility on international library outreach.   Its chapters address many topics: ideas for better serving international students, ideas for establishing library partnerships overseas, etc.  In that the world is growing more and more interconnected, this book is a timely addition.



Author: Jackson Bird

Recommended by: Joy Lambert, Reference & Instruction Librarian

In Sorted, author Jackson Bird uses humor and honesty (and an impressive amount of cited sources!) to tell the story of his experience as a transgender man. Included in the book are definitions of terms as well as other explanatory information to educate readers new to the topic of transgenderism. This memoir is as illuminating as it is heartfelt and inspiring.

Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses

Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses

Author: Robin Wall Kimmerer

Recommended by: Jie Tian, Public Services Librarian

Kimmerer looks closely and describes vividly as if always through a magnifying glass. And she feels and knows intimately too. It is a warm, generous, and spirited book— about plants, science, the cultural and natural history therein as well as her experiences as a bryologist, teacher, mother, and writer. The book is also way into the cosmos of the indigenous Potawatomi ways of knowing, as Kimmerer puts it — “we say that a thing cannot be understood until it is known by all four aspects of our being: mind, body, emotion, and spirit.”

Share what book you’re currently reading or your favorite book with us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. Happy National Library Week!