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New Customer Service Initiative

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The Pollak Library has rolled out a new customer service initiative that encourages diversity and inclusion for students, faculty, and the community. You may have seen these new efforts we have been taking to become a more welcoming library for all visitors. We have released language buttons and Student Assistant badges that are worn throughout the library.

Language Buttons

The language buttons are worn by faculty, staff, and student assistants who know languages other than English. There are six different language buttons that you may run into when visiting which include: American Sign Language, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

The language buttons were initially an idea that a library faculty member suggested to improve the Pollak Library’s efforts towards inclusion. With the release of these efforts, we hope that we are able to provide a welcoming environment for international students and the community to address any questions or concerns.

Language Buttons
Language Buttons

Student Assistant Badges

The Pollak Library has Student Assistants working throughout the entire library building. The goal is for library visitors to be able to easily identify who works in the library, especially if they have questions or need help. We hope that library visitors who see these students in the library are encouraged to ask questions about places they may not be familiar with because they may feel more comfortable speaking with a fellow student.

We are always seeking to improve our inclusion efforts on campus and through this initiative, we hope to help visitors be more inclined to ask questions and in turn, utilize more of the great services that the library has to offer.

Student Assistant Badge

This new release is one of the many steps towards promoting inclusion and diversity at the Pollak Library. We hope that with these steps, library personnel become more visible and welcoming to all visitors. We are open to feedback and hope that these customer service initiatives encourage more visitors at the Pollak Library. Be on the look-out for individuals wearing the Student Assistant Badges or Language Buttons to answer any of your questions!