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Introducing the S.O.S. Library Ambassadors

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S.O.S. (Student Outreach to Students) is a Library Ambassador program that utilizes students to actively promote library services and resources to the campus community.

Students in the program will help create library communication strategies, elevate the library’s social media presence, and develop outreach projects and events. Ambassadors will also attend library meetings and focus groups in order to suggest ways of improving the student experience.They will work at library and campus events to engage students, increase library awareness, and inform students of how the library can help and strengthen their academic career.

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Meet the 2018-2019 S.O.S. Library Ambassadors


Josselyn Marroquin Josselyn Marroquin

Hello, my major is psychology and I am planning to minor in criminal justice. I plan to go to graduate school to get a PhD for a professional forensic psychology career. I am currently an eighteen year old sophomore at CSUF who works in two different library departments and an active board member for PDSA club on campus. One of two favorite hobbies is to be outdoors with my dogs and drawing.


Terence dela Paz

Terence dela Paz

Salutations! A little bit about myself: I really enjoy going to concerts, playing video games, and making music. I am really excited to begin my third year at CSUF as a part of the S.O.S. Ambassadors. When I am not working with S.O.S., you can find me sitting at the information desk at the south entrance of Pollak Library, working as a floor attendant at the Student Recreation Center, or studying in the library in pursuit of a degree in B.S. Biochemistry; come say hello if you get the chance to!


Karen Tran

Karen Tran

Hi! This is my 4th year here at CSUF and I just recently changed my major to Public Health (better late than never!). I’m not 100% sure where I want to go after graduation, but I’m curious about Student Affairs and Public Administration. I have many hobbies which includes but is not limited to Anime/manga, drawing, DIY, roller blading, and sleeping. Apart from being an S.O.S Ambassador I’m also currently a part of the ASI Programming team.


Dana HaxbyDana Haxby

Hi everyone, I am a senior double majoring in American Studies and Sociology and double minoring in Psychology and Gerontology.  I am graduating in the Spring and plan on pursuing a masters in Student Affairs. After working in Student Affairs for awhile I would like to get my PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and work for a non-profit focused on helping the elderly.  Besides being an S.O.S. Ambassador I am part of the Cambodian Student Association and the Sociology Club.  I am also a part of one of programming branches of ASI called AICA (Association for Intercultural Awareness).  I think it is very important to learn about where other people come from so we can understand their perspective and continue to learn.


Nicolas Santos

Nicolas Santos

My name is Nicolas Santos, I am a Junior Kinesiology Major with a focus in Gerokinesiology. I aim to help people, and the older community I have seen need a lot of help! Everyone gets old, and i would like to help and show kindness to as many people as possible. I currently work as a peer mentor at the Information Desk in the Pollak Library. As an S.O.S. Ambassador I aim to reach many students and help them in their educational path with all the services that this library has to offer. I enjoy talking to people and music, and if you are able to come up to me feel free!