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Pollak Library Renovations Update: Summer 2018

Posted in General News

To the Campus Community:

This summer the long-awaited renovations to the Pollak Library finally will begin. Some of the work that will take place is mandated by the state fire marshal. Included in this category are the creation of a fire lane from Nutwood to the Library as discussed by Vice-President Kim at the 3 May meeting of the Academic Senate and the cutting of 70 windows into the south and west sides of the Pollak Library. Work on the latter will commence mid-June and will be carried out at night both to spare the campus the noise and vibrations during the day and to reduce the likelihood of injuries to passersby. These activities will have either minimal effect on our daily comings and goings or we will determine work-arounds.

The work on the Pollak Library North, on the other hand, is a different matter. At the moment it appears that around 21 May – i.e.,  immediately after commencement – contractors will begin the ten-week project of removing and replacing the carpet on at least the first two floors of Pollak Library North and potentially the third and fourth floors. The undertaking also includes the destruction and removal of three large granite counters on the first, second and fourth floors which should increase student space. Assuming we are able to extend the re-carpeting project to the third and fourth floors that work will begin around 10 June. The re-carpeting work will be accompanied by the refurbishing of the large instructional rooms PLN 103 and 420 as well as the refreshment of the student study rooms.

To facilitate this work we will be closing all four floors on the north side of the library from 21 May through early August.  The end date is not yet determined. Services presently provided on the first and second floors north will be relocated either to new venues on the first and second floors south or to spaces elsewhere on campus. I expect to send out a list of the changes by Monday, 14 May. We will provide book-paging services for patrons throughout this time. PLN 130 will be the last area to be re-carpeted so that students can use computers in this space to register for classes as part of New Student Orientation. The first floor on the south side will remain open and all essential Library services – circulation, Interlibrary loan and so on – will be available as usual.

While we regret these closures, there is no question that the work on the North Side will enhance everyone’s use and experience of the Library. We appreciate your patience for any inconveniences you experience, and welcome any questions or comments.

Very best regards,

Emily Miller Bonney
Interim Dean Pollak Library