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Meet our Peer Consultants at the Welcome Desk!

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The Pollak Library and the CSUF Irvine Center Library are among the largest employers of student assistants at Cal State Fullerton. We have a long history of recruiting and mentoring talented students from across all majors, and are now actively engaged in the campus-wide strategic goal of developing High Impact Practices (HIPs) for these students to help them better succeed in their educational and professional goals. The work they do for us is invaluable, and our libraries could not deliver the high level of services we provide to our campus community and the public without their efforts and expertise.

Pollak Library Peer Consultants are a team of student employees, who play a variety of roles currently and in the near future. They operate the Welcome Desk at the First Floor South entrance, answering questions about the library and the campus as a whole. They will be holding office hours in Fall 2018 to support students of all levels who have general research or library-related needs. They will also be teaching peer-led introductory workshops on library services, which will also be available to all students. Their goals are to foster a sense of belonging and welcome among their peers.

As we host 24/7 Study in the library, find out more about our Peer Consultants below!

Peer Consultants at the Welcome Desk:

Amanda –

Major: Liberal studies

Year: Junior

Fun fact about me: I love going to concerts and music festivals!

Arunav –

Major: Electrical Engineering

Year: Graduate Student

Fun fact: World Traveler, learning different languages, loves cooking power packed nutritious meals.

Brenda –

Major: Linguistics

Year: Graduate Student

Fun fact: I enjoy learning languages in my spare time.

Edgar –

Major: Business

Year: Sophomore

Fun fact: I enjoy fishing.

Erin –

Major: Communications, Entertainment & Tourism,

Year: Sophomore

Fun fact: While in high school, I studied abroad in the Philippines.

Erik –

Major: Undeclared,

Year: Freshman

Fun fact: I play 2 brass instruments.

Jenny –

Major: Human Services

Year: Junior

Fun fact: I love eating spicy hot cheetos, the XXXtra bag.

Jessica –

Major: Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Fun fact: I have two dwarf hamsters, named salt and pepper. I once accidentally attended a ceremony with the Pope!

Jet –

Major: Communications, CTVA;

Year: 3rd

Fun fact: I like to disassociate in the shower.

Kassidy –

Major: Undeclared

Year: Freshman

Fun fact: If I could be anything, I’d be an acrobat in a traveling circus. You know, if I had the skill (which I very much do not).

Mel –

Major: Business

Year: 4th

Fun fact: I am double jointed.

Sky –

Major: Communications, Organizational

Year: Sophomore

Fun fact: I like to travel.

Sofia –

Major: Business, Human Resources

Year: Junior

Fun fact: I am a ropes specialist, who enjoys movie marathons.

Tracy –

Major: Communications

Year: Junior

Fun fact: I work at the school newspaper!

Tyler –

Major: Photocommunications

Year: Senior

Fun fact: I am a photographer, who shoots concerts professionally.

Vanessa –

Major: Health Science

Year: Junior

Fun fact: I have a Disney pass. I like trying new things to eat and finding new things to do at the parks!