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Pollak Library First Floor South Brings New and Engaging Space for Students

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The long awaited renovations of Pollak Library First Floor South made their debut on Thursday morning. During the early hours of Thursday morning, Titan Card and Circulation Services moved from the Pollak North. The new front doors facing the Quad were opened and students came in, making the space their own.

The new space brings together the five campus cultural centers (African American Resource Center, Asian Pacific American Resource Center, Chicana/Chicano Resource Center, LGBT Queer Resource Center, Titan Dreamers Resource Center), the Center for Scholars, Center for Honors, as well as Titan Card, Circulation Services, and an Information Desk to provide a rich and engaging space and services.

When students walk through the front doors they are greeted by two Information Desk Students whose role is to welcome students, provide basic information, and to help students find their way to the spaces and services they need. The center of the floor is full of a variety of colorful seating that allows students to study alone or in groups. A new All Gender bathroom is also available.

The center promenade will also be used for cultural and educational programming.

New South Front Doors
Front doors opening on to the Quad.
Information Desk
The new Information Desk.
Circulation Desk
The new Circulation Desk.
The Promenade
Group and individual study space in the promenade.
The Honors Center
The Honors Center.
The Scholars Center
The Scholars Center

Dr. Clem Guthro, MA, MLS, EdD
Dean of the Library
Pollak Library