You Can Now Book a Study Room at the Pollak Library!

Library student assistant and Communications major Kamille Torres shares tips and news written from a fellow student’s perspective.

Finals are approaching and study areas are getting harder to find, almost like finding parking on campus. Study rooms in the Pollak Library are now available to reserve online at the Group and Equipped Study Rooms web page or using the “Book a Study Room” Quick Link on our home page. Now you don’t have to camp out to find a study spot, and sharing is caring after all.

Alright so here’s what you absolutely need to know about booking a study room:

  • Students can book a study room up to 3 times a week and up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Study room reservations are for a 3 hour period of time
  • CWID: If your study group has 2 or more people a 2nd CWID will be needed
  • If a study room is empty it can be used, but if someone arrives with a reservation for that room you’re out of luck! Save yourself the hassle by reserving a group study room online
  • Noise: Everyone in the library is trying to study, so please be courteous of those around you and don’t get too wild
  • NEVER leave your things alone, you don’t want to have to replace your laptop at the end of the semester
  • Large personal items like bedding or coffee machines are not allowed due to safety concerns…There is a Starbucks in the library after all!
  • Food: Small snacks and covered drinks are OK… but greasy pizza should be saved for outside the library
  • During the two 24/7 Study weeks for final exams study rooms will be booked from 5am-6am for cleaning

If you have any questions head to the circulation desk located on the first floor north, or call (657)278-2721.

For information on technology-equipped rooms (or smart classrooms) please visit the Student Genius Corner on the first floor north or their website.

Happy studying Titans!

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