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Open Access Week: What is It, and Why Does It Matter?

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About Open Access

Open Access is the free, immediate, online access to the most current results of research and the right to use and re-use the results as you need. Having access to the most current scholarly research without hitting a paywall can directly inform and impact academia, medicine, science, industry and society as a whole (1).

About Open Access Week

In its eighth year, Open Access Week is a global event that inspires research and academic communities to learn more about open access, the potential benefits it has to offer, and the power it has to transform the overall advancement of scholarship (1). Open Access Week is also an opportunity for libraries from around the world to collaborate and share different ways they promote and inspire their communities to learn more about open access. Since 2013, the Pollak Library has been a proud participant in this international movement.

Open Access Week is also the perfect venue for the Pollak Library Open Access Team to celebrate and highlight CSUF faculty who have made their research open access or have received the Open Access Publishing Fund award. Be sure to visit the display on the 2nd Floor of Library by the Faculty Development Center.

This year, Open Access Week takes place October 24 – 30, 2016.

For more information about Open Access Week, please visit: