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First lines / Last lines

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First lines / Last lines, by Samuel T Barber

Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? And where does music fit into this timeless question?

The Pollak Library blog presents a series of contributions entitled Music is literature, Literature is music which investigates intrinsic connections between the two art forms.

First, Samuel T Barber takes an experimental excursion to see if a disparate collection of first lines and last lines from various unconnected works of literature can be recited and set to original music in order to create a completely new work.

This is ‘First lines / Last lines’ …

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Bibliography and links

Sylvia Plath – The bell jar

Franz Kafka – The metamorphosis

Alan Turing – various works

R D Laing – The politics of experience and The bird of paradise

Michael Herr – Dispatches

Raymond Carver – What we talk about when we talk about love

David Mitchell – Cloud atlas

William Peter Blatty – The exorcist

James Joyce – Ulysses