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Meet Library Services Specialist Adriana Bernal: Putting Student Success Initiative Funds to Work

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Beginning in Fall 2014, the campus implemented a $181 per-semester Student Success Fee as part of a comprehensive university-wide Student Success Initiative (SSI). SSI Funding allowed us to hire Adriana as our new Library Services Specialist II in March 2015.

SSI Funding Impact

Kevin Phillips, Head of Circulation, explains how Adrian’s new position allows the Pollak Library and the Irvine Campus Library to meet the additional library hours requested by and funded through the Student Success Initiative.

With her addition we were able to fully staff the Circulation Desk for the semester-long expanded hours of the Library. The SSI funding has allowed us to be open and staff 14 extra hours a week starting in Fall 2014. Adriana also covers one day a week (2 days a week during a colleague’s paternity leave) at the Irvine Campus. During 24/7 she would be the staff member who would stay until 3:00am.

Get to Know Adriana!

What is your name and title?

Adriana Bernal, Library Services Specialist II.

In what section or unit of the Pollak Library do you work?

I work in Access Services, Circulation department.

What is your job in a nutshell?

As a Library Services Specialist, I provide both direct and indirect support to library users such as students, faculty, staff and the general community. Due to the extended hours, I am one of the Staff members that stay until closing to assist patrons during the night shifts. Aside from desk hours, I handle clerical work and also help facilitate the library’s Book Paging service. In addition, I work at the Irvine Campus once a week, where I assist patrons with Circulation Services and research help as well.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on enhancing my knowledge in research assistance. While collaborating with a Reference Librarian, I am learning the basics of how to help patrons with their research questions and recommend them to the appropriate resources. Learning new skills and techniques will be beneficial to further assist patrons when I work at the Irvine Campus.

How long have you been at the Pollak Library?

I became staff this March, but I have been at the Pollak Library for three years.

Have you held any other jobs with Cal State Fullerton?

I was a Circulation Student Assistant for over two years before I became full-time staff.

What has changed since you started at the Pollak Library?

The biggest change has been the closure of the south side of the library. The majority of our books in the stacks collection were located in that portion of the library, and now most of those books have been relocated over to the north side.

Do you have a favorite accomplishment at the Pollak Library?

My favorite accomplishment has to be the fact that I assisted with various important projects as a student assistant, and now as a staff member I can help implement new projects.

What are your passions or interests outside of work?

Hiking is what I love to do outside of work. I enjoy exploring national parks and forests. The views that these places offer are breathtaking and allow for a person to step back, relax and appreciate nature.

What is the last book you read, or the last book you loved?

The last book I read for fun was Into the Wild. Lately, I have been researching and reading about backpackers and their journeys. I was intrigued by their inspirational stories.

What is a website, database or digital tool that you recently discovered and recommend?

A digital tool that I highly recommend is the 24/7 Chat Reference on the Pollak Library’s website. It is fascinating that students can access this tool anytime from anywhere, and almost immediately get assistance from a Librarian.