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Meet Our Talented Student Assistants: Anabel Hernández from the Chicana and Chicano Resource Center

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The Pollak Library and Irvine Campus Library are among the largest employers of student assistants at Cal State Fullerton. We have a long history of recruiting and mentoring talented students from across all majors, and are now actively engaged in the campus-wide strategic goal of developing High Impact Practices (HIPs) for these students to help them better succeed in their educational and professional goals. The work they do for us is invaluable, and our libraries could not deliver the high level of services we provide to our campus community and the public without their efforts and expertise.

Meet graduate assistant Anabel Hernández.

What is your name and student job title?

My name is Anabel Hernández, and I am a Graduate assistant.

In what section or unit of the Pollak Library do you work?

I work for Barbara Miller, Librarian of the Chicana and Chicano Resource Center (CRC).

What is your student job in a nutshell?

I help Barbara work on various projects for the library and the CRC.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently transcribing a collection of oral histories that were recorded in the 60s and 70s and were never transcribed.

How long have you been at the Pollak Library?

I’ve been working at the Pollak Library for 1 year.

Do you have a favorite accomplishment at the Pollak Library?

It’s been a great accomplishment having been able to work as a transcriber of oral histories. I feel that I am contributing to the rewriting of history, which takes into account the opinions and experiences of different people. I feel very satisfied in doing something that will help us have a better understanding of our world.

What are your major/degree and/or graduate field, and intended date of completion for your current degree?

I graduated in May, 2015 with a BA in Spanish and minor in Latin American Studies. I am currently working on my Master’s Degree in Spanish, which I plan to complete in Fall of 2016 or Spring of 2017.

What career/s are you interested in?

I am interested in becoming a college or university Spanish/Latin American Literature professor.

Has your student work at the Pollak Library helped prepare you for your future career field?

It has definitely helped me because this job has allowed me to work in the academic world, which is what I would like to do in the future. Moreover, transcribing oral histories of Latinos and Chicanas/os has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the culture of the community I will work with as a professional.

What are your passions or interests outside of work and school?

I enjoy reading and hiking with friends.

What is the last book you read, or the last book you loved?

The last book I read AND loved was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

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