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High-Impact Practices: Hygiene Drive

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The Pollak Library Library Administration students have completed their first quarterly drive for high-impact practices; a hygiene drive.  From May to June, Library Administration student assistants collected hygiene-related items to donate to Fullerton City Lights.

With the help of Hina Ahmad, Julia Santana’s new quarterly drive assistant, and other student assistants, flyers were posted around campus advertising the hygiene drive.  They also had 3 bins, donated by Republic Services, posted in the atrium, at the Circulation desk and the Library Administration front desk.  The flyer’s theme came from the movie Fight Club, a late 90’s movie starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton.  One of the main characters is a soap-maker, which just so happens to be a necessary item for the hygiene drive.  Creative, right?

Hygiene Drive Poster
Hygiene Drive Poster

The bulky items collected were given to Fullerton City Lights. On Thursday, June 25, the items (soap, sunscreen, wash clothes, and feminine products) were handed out while the complex was hosting a lunch party.  The student assistants set up a table showing the items they had to offer.  Everyone who took items had to sign a sign-in sheet so the complex could keep track of who participated.  After the event, the items left over were given to the complex to hold onto for future needs.  Everyone at the complex was very appreciative of their generosity.

Most of the items collected throughout the drive were small travel-size items.  Santana and her team have decided to use the items and make hygiene kits, including three items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste.  On Tuesday, July 21, they will take their kits over to Fullerton Metrolink Train Station in downtown Fullerton and give them to the homeless who come every Tuesday night to be served food by the community.

Their May monthly project was making May Day flower hangers.  These hangers were placed on every door at Fullerton City Lights.  Since the Hygiene Drive was in June, their next project is for July.  Instead of handing out candy like the first project in April, the student assistants want to incorporate more nutritious foods into the community.  Using packets of popcorn, they will make hangers for the complex.  Julia plans to use apples for their September project, in celebration of going back to school.

Flower hanger at Fullerton City Lights.
Flower hanger at Fullerton City Lights.

Starting Monday, July 13, through Friday, July 17, from 12:00pm – 2:00pm, come to PLS-260 in Library Administration and help Santana and her team make popcorn hangers.  Anyone is welcome to join and get involved in community service.  On Thursday, July 23, the hangers will be taken to Fullerton City Lights, along with food student assistants will make and serve.

“This gives the Pollak Library something to be known for,” Santana said.

Santana wants to start wearing CSU Fullerton gear so those her and her team help in the future will know who they are.  She wants the name California State University, Fullerton to be known in the community for the services they provide.  They want to be a part of something bigger; helping the community, one area at a time.

“Seeing Cal State Fullerton in a new light – Fullerton Lights.”  Ahmad said this as a possible slogan for their community service team.

Scott Hewitt, Pollak Library’s Interim Librarian, wants to start a project involving books, the main thing libraries are known for.  Options for this project are to donate to, collect for, or read books to children.  We want to give children an idea of CSU Fullerton.  Maybe they will want to attend the university when they get older.

Santana and her team here at Pollak Library’s Library Administration are looking for more participation in their projects and drives.  Not only do they want to expand awareness and involvement throughout the library and its many departments, but include the entire campus community.  Anyone is welcome to come and get involved in high-impact practices.

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