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Pollak Library’s Student Assistants Involved in High-Impact Practices

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It is time for Pollak Library’s student employees to get involved in high-impact practices.  Community service is one of the key aspects of high-impact practices (HIP), and something that not many students are familiar with.

Donna Rader of Fiscal Services here at Pollak Library has been donating groceries to Fullerton City Lights apartments through her church for years.  Every third Thursday of the month, Willshire Avenue Community Church takes collected goods and gives them to those in need.  After seeing the condition that these occupants are living in, Donna took it upon herself to get students involved for high-impact practices.

Fullerton City Lights is an apartment complex with single room apartments that are available for low income occupants.  Each apartment has a bed, bookcase, window, sink, television, microwave, miniature fridge and a bathroom.  The complex has a small gym and an open area to spend time and relax.  There is a social worker on staff to assist the tenants with anything they need.

This high-impact practice is a student-lead project. Julia Santana, one of the Library Administration student assistants, is the project leader, in charge of planning the monthly projects and quarterly drives, and getting the word out to other Pollak Library student employees.  Her assistant, Kamille Torres, will help with organizing and deciding on small monthly projects; hanging things on doors, drawings, handmade crafts, etc.  Julia is still in need of an assistant to help out with the quarterly drives.

April 2015 Peeps

The first monthly project they did was for April, celebrating Easter.  Each door of the complex was decorated with a small bag of peeps.  A possible option for the month of May project is to decorate with flowers.  For the first quarterly drive, Donna, Julia and the team plan to do a hygiene drive.  The plan is to collect personal necessity items; shampoo, body soap, deodorant, razors, feminine products, etc.  Once all donations have been collected, they will collaborate with the social worker at Fullerton City Lights to see when donations can be delivered.  For the winter drive, options are collecting warm clothes; beanies, mittens, socks, etc.

April 2015 Peeps Project

This high-impact practice is ongoing.  With the help of Pollak Library’s student employees, our small acts of kindness can put smiles on people’s faces and make them feel better about themselves.  As a bonus, being involved in community service looks great on resumes!

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