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Pollak Library Student Survey

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Want to have your say in shaping the Pollak Library? Make your voice heard and help us make the library work for YOU by participating in a brief survey.  By completing this quick 5 minute survey, you will also be eligible to win a Kindle Fire HDX or an In-N-Out gift certificate!

This survey will take  5 minutes to complete and there are no risks in doing so. Email addresses are collected solely for the purpose of awarding prizes and will NOT be associated with your responses, so your input is completely anonymous. Participation is voluntary and by clicking the link to the survey you are agreeing to be part of this study. Sound good? Then you can take the survey here:

So what are you waiting for? Tell us how we can make it YOUR library.

If you have additional questions please contact Mike DeMars.  If you have questions about the rights of human research participants, contact the CSUF IRB Office at (657) 278-7640 or


  1. Nicole Vandever
    Nicole Vandever

    I would feel like this was more of “my library” if I was given updated information. Where can we learn about the future of the library? Why aren’t students being explicitly informed about updated library space and technology plans? (pdf’s from 2011 aren’t helpful.) When will I be able to access physical books again?
    Also, why is the survey closed now? What is the survey for (to what ends will it be used?) What bureaucratic decisions will/will not be affected by it? Why was it not more fully promoted? I do not feel as though I have a voice. I want my books back – I’m paying for them. Or at least, I’d like to hear where I can get info on future plans for the library since the earthquake. (I’ve had to get it from professors, during office hours. That’s not how this should work.)
    Basically, how can I give an informed opinion of the state and affairs of the library if I do not know the state and affairs of the library?

    Basically, since the survey is closed, “my library” would have BOOKS. Real, physical, browse-abe BOOKS.

    December 14, 2014
    • Jessica Flores
      Jessica Flores

      Thank you, I agree with all of this! How can the students possibly consider this to really be our library, and actually believe that the money allotted to the library through the Student Success Initiative Fee is going to what we agree on? If students agreed and were kept informed on how that money was going to be spent, it stands to reason that students should be kept informed on the choices being made regarding “our” library. We rely on the library, we contribute to the library through our tuition, it’s in effect our library so there should be some degree of transparency in regards to the choices made that effect how we are able to use our library.
      I have no problem with ebooks, but I have a problem when students aren’t involved in any way on the degree of access that we have to the books in “our” library. We as students deserve to have a voice in this kind of decision, period. We contribute to the library, we frequent the library, we need the library, so the library (or really, administration) should respect that.

      January 16, 2015

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