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Library Student Assistant Profiles: What Are You Working On, Amanda Bruns?

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Ever wonder what the faculty and staff at the Pollak Library are working on? The “What are You Working On?” blog column (borrowed from the National Archives) aims to highlight some of the exciting projects we are working on, and profile our talented library team.

Meet Mandy Bruns, our Reference and Atrium Lead student assistant.

What is your name and student job title?
Amanda Bruns (aka: Mandy).
Reference Student/ Atrium Lead Student.

In what section or unit of the Pollak Library do you work?
I work mainly on the north side of the library on the first floor in Reference.

What is your student job in a nutshell?
In a nutshell; I am an assistant to all the reference librarians. I do anything library related that is required of me on the first floor north side of the library. This means I am responsible for the tidiness of the books on the first floor north side of the library, I re-shelf the reference books, I shelf read (make sure all the books are in the correct order), and I dust the stacks. I also do any tasks for the Reference Liberians such as fetch their mail from the mail room, I make copies of handouts and stalk the instruction rooms for the classes held here in the library, and I assist the Reference Librarians with any projects or tasks that I can. As the Atrium Lead Student I act as the liaison between student and supervisor. I also help train and supervise these students under the direction of my supervisor, Roberta Valentine.

What are you working on right now?
Currently, I am a member of the University Librarian Search Committee.

How long have you been at the Pollak Library?
I have been at the library since Spring of 2011.

Have you held any other jobs with Cal State Fullerton?
I have held other jobs on campus although they have all been here in the library. My first job I held here in the library was as Atrium Student. I answered and checked the gate alarms, answered questions and gave directions to library users. I then worked on the fourth floor north side, also known as the AVCMC, where I worked with a small team of students taking care of the floor’s many collections, recording extra materials and working on donations. I also worked with the Education Librarian Stephanie Rosenblatt, on special projects. I was then moved to the first floor north side of the library in Reference as the Reference student, shortly after that I acquired the Atrium Lead Student position.

Do you have a favorite accomplishment at the Pollak Library?
There are many things that I have done in the library that I have been honored to be a part of, one project that comes to mind is the in the summer of 2012 I gave a presentation on QR codes and the use of QR codes in libraries at the American Library Association Conference.

What is your major/degree and/or graduate field, and intended date of completion for your current degree?
I will be graduating this spring with a double BA in Art Education and General Studio in Art.

What career/s are you interested in?
I have found myself really enjoying the professional atmosphere and the organization of libraries which has led me to be interested in continuing to work with collections. I hope to find a career/job in a library, museum, or gallery and that that I will be as happy there I have been here at the Pollak Library.

Has your student work at the Pollak Library helped prepare you for your future career field?
Yes, in the past three years I feel more prepared and focused in my future job prospects. I feel as though working in the library has been a learning experience and has helped me grow personally as well as professionally, preparing me with skills and experience for the future.

What are your passions or interests outside of work and school?
My passions and interests all kind of interconnect with work, school, and my personal life. I have found myself linking these worlds together though my love of art and knowledge. I am a very organized person by nature and place high value on aesthetics and reasoning. I believe that everything has its own place, so working in a library is very natural for me. My own personal art is a process that deals with organizing thoughts and ideas, and then recreating them into something completely different or unrecognizable form the starting point. However, I still want my creations to be believable in their new form to the point that they surpass being believable and into truly existing.

*What is the last book you read, or the last book you loved?
My favorite book of all time is “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas.