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Library Student Assistant Profiles: What Are You Working On, Adrian Dacanay?

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Ever wonder what the faculty and staff at the Pollak Library are working on? The “What are You Working On?” blog column (borrowed from the National Archives) aims to highlight some of the exciting projects we are working on, and profile our talented library team.

Meet Adrian Dacanay, our Library Systems lead student assistant.

What is your name and title?
Adrian Dacanay, Systems lead student assistant.

In what section or unit of the Pollak Library do you work?
I work in Library Systems, a sub-unit of Library Administration.

What is your student job in a nutshell?
“Jack of All Trades” would be appropriate! My job has been a dynamic one since I started, but I narrow it down to these: library facilities & property support and maintenance, computer/technology troubleshooting, facility safety.

What are you working on right now?
I’m assisting my new supervisor in getting familiar with the Library facilities and operations and as his main assistant, and updating the Systems installation guide for Library software installation.

How long have you been at the Pollak Library?
Since Spring Semester 2010, I started in the month of January that year.

Have you held any other jobs with Cal State Fullerton?
Back in 1999, I worked for the Honors & Scholars Center. I was there until 2004.

Do you have a favorite accomplishment at the Pollak Library?
I have a few, but I would say my favorite accomplishment was being able to build several heavy-duty tables to provide additional study spaces for students in the north wing of the Library. We were able to complete this during the summer intersession and have the areas ready for student use by the start of the Fall semester. And I was able to help with this while simultaneously providing technical/software support to Library staff as they transitioned to a Windows 7 platform.

What is your graduate field, and intended date of completion for your current degree?
I am working on my Master’s Degree in Nursing, with a concentration on Leadership & Management. I participated in commencement exercises in May 2014, and I will have my master’s degree conferred in August 2014.

What career/s are you interested in?
I am interested in a career in Nursing leadership and management, as well as quality improvement and evidence-based practice recommendations. I will continue to work as a staff RN at the DOU/Telemetry unit of Western Medical Center-Santa Ana, and pursue a Telemetry RN certification called Progressive Care Certified Nurse (PCCN) in the next 5 years. I am also working on gaining a teaching position with the CSUF School of Nursing as a clinical instructor for their Leadership classes.

Has your student work at the Pollak Library helped prepare you for your future career field?
My time in Library Systems has helped me work on time management, task prioritization, adapting to changes, and networking with various staff members from different departments within the library and I.T. I have been able to apply what I have learned here in my job as a staff RN at the hospital!

What are your passions or interests outside of work and school?
I love playing competitive volleyball, I specialize as a setter. I competed in high school, took several years off, and then resumed playing 2 years ago. I also like to play video games, catch up on reading for fun, and cook!

What is the last book you read, or the last book you loved?
I am currently reading The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.