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Spotlighting Recent Pollak Library Resources on African American Studies

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Los Angeles Sentinel.
Access this black owned, black operated weekly newspaper through ProQuest Newsstand. The coverage is May 17, 1934-Dec 29, 2005 (with exceptions). Some current content are available directly from the newspaper website:

African American Song.
Hear the voice of history. Listen to audios of jazz, blues, gospel, ragtime, folk songs, narratives, and other styles.  Sample of Afro-American spirituals, work songs, and ballads, engineered by the noted folk song collector, Alan Lomax.

Ambrose Video.
Watch stream videos of African American authors in “the Great American Writers Series” on Gwendolyn Brooks, James Baldwin, August Wilson, Toni Morrison, and many more.

Black Thought and Culture.
A quintessential full text collection offering nonfiction, essays, interviews, speeches, letters, and other materials of leading African American authors.  It also offers the complete full text of Black Panther Newspaper.  

Books and Ebooks.
Visit the library in person or virtually. And check out books on some of the important topics featured in this year’s month-long Black History Month celebrations:

  • African American Poetry
  • Black Power and Hip Hop
  • Civil Rights and Education
  • Race and Racism in a “Post Racial America”