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CSUF Provost & CSU Chancellor’s Office Save & Add New Online Library Subscriptions!

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Earlier this year, the Pollak Library had to make the difficult decision to cancel several online databases due to budget deficits. Thanks to additional funding from the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs, we were able to save them from the chopping block! The Pollak Library will continue to provide access to Annual Reviews and AP Images. We are also able to offer several new online databases through centralized purchasing at the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

You may not know this, but the CSU’s Systemwide Digital Library Content program, through the CSU Chancellor’s Office, provides funding for some of the online databases and many of the online journals available on the Pollak Library website through a program called the Electronic Core Collection. Last year, modifications were made to the list of online databases included in the Electronic Core Collection (ECC). Some new databases were added to the ECC, while several were dropped. In order to provide continuing access to the databases removed from the ECC, the Pollak Library needed to absorb the subscription costs, but without additional funding, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel some databases. When making these decisions, the Library’s Collection Development Team analyzes how much and how often a resource has been used in previous subscription years. In order to serve the diverse needs of students in a wide range of disciplines, the Team also considers each resource’s relevance to CSUF’s academic programs and what other resources are available to meet specific research and curricular needs. Earlier this semester the Library received additional funding that has allowed us to restore access to these databases.

We are happy to announce the acquisition of new online content, made available through the CSU Systemwide Digital Library Content program, as well.

Restored Content

  • Annual Reviews: The database of review literature for more than 40 focused disciplines within the biomedical, life, physical, and social sciences. Since 1932, Annual Reviews, a nonprofit scientific publisher, has provided comprehensive, timely collections of critical reviews written by leading scientists.
  • AP Images: An image database of millions of photographs and graphics from AP, the Associated Press. Photographs: color and B&W, dating from 1826 to the present. Graphics: maps, diagrams, drawings etc. Also includes audio files (sound clips) dating from the 1920s. The database is strongest since 1997, but there is a good deal of older, historical material. The database is updated every minute, daily, so that photos of current events are instantly available. All photos/graphics/audio is copyrighted material owned by the Associated Press, but available to subscribers for educational use.

New Content

Post originally written by Heather Tunender, former Unit Head for Collection & Processing Services.

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