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Retirement Q&A With Acquisitions Librarian Lin Ford

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This past September, the Pollak Library bid farewell to our Acquisitions Librarian, Lin Ford, who retired from Cal State Fullerton after 46 years of service. Now that Lin has had a chance to start setting into retirement, I chatted online with her to learn a bit more about Lin’s career here and her retirement plans.

The Pollak Library deeply appreciates all that Lin contributed to the Library and campus.

What is your name and former title?
Lin Ford, Acquisitions Librarian.

What was your retirement date?
September 3, 2013.

In what section or unit of the Pollak Library do you work?
I worked in the Collection and Processing Services Unit of the Library, and was a lead coordinator for the Acquisitions and Database Services section (ADS).

What was your job in a nutshell?

  • Responsible for the expenditure of the book budgetWorked with auxiliary Library groups such as Patrons of the Library and Mildred Donoghue Foundation to support the selection and purchasing for additional titles to be added to our collection.
  • Responsible for approval plan monitoring and maintenanceReceived and evaluated suggested requests for new monographic and media materials to be purchased.

How long have you been at the Pollak Library?
46 years.

Have you held any other jobs with Cal State Fullerton?
I have always worked in the Acquisitions Section.

What has changed since you started at the Pollak Library?
There are so many transformations throughout the years that it is difficult to narrow the breadth of the changes.

A few include expansion of the Library with the addition of the North building; demise of the old card catalog in 1989 and our first online catalog was the beginning of a major transition to new and ever-increasing technology; addition of a growing number of resources and databases; initiating approval plans which were the beginning of titles received automatically based on a specific profile by subject and other parameters; eventually much of the cataloging of the books were outsourced through the vendors in cooperation with OCLC to the receipt of the books shelf ready with call numbers and cataloged records ready to be downloaded into our online catalog; and recently the change to receiving electronic books when available as our primary format.

Do you have a favorite accomplishment at the Pollak Library?
Because of my longevity in the Pollak Library, beginning in 1967, when the current Library had only been occupied for one year, my hope is that I have played a strong role in building an outstanding print collection through the years by working closely with many Faculty as well as meeting curriculum needs in various disciplines.

What will you miss most about working at the Pollak Library?
Even as I left my job, I still was enthusiastic about my work and welcomed new challenges but knew what I would miss the most is the interaction with so many outstanding colleagues that I daily worked together with as well as the many friendships I made.

How do you plan to spend your retirement?
Traveling is always at the top of my list as a hobby and I have a trip overseas planned to France and Italy in October so hope to continue to pursue that interest. Other plans include working in my neglected garden, attending as much theatre as I can between San Diego and L.A., joining Ollie and hopefully volunteering in some capacity.

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