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Organizing Your Academic Life (and Personal Life) With Evernote

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As we head in to the final month before the start of the new academic year, you might want to use this time to start getting your academic life back in order. One excellent FREE tool for doing just that is Evernote. Evernote is essentially a cloud-based personal filing cabinet that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, from a dedicated Mac or PC application, or from one of many mobile devices. And it syncs across every one of these devices, making it a powerful on-the-go tool. The handy web clipper allows you to capture anything you find on the web, and the camera and microphone integration allow you to capture image and audio notes.

I have been using it for over four years now to organize both my professional and personal lived, and I find Evernote to be invaluable. It’s one of the five most used daily apps on all of my computers and mobile devices. Unlike Dropbox, Evernote actually indexes all of my Notes (PDF indexing and text-in-image indexing are Premium upgrades*), Notebook titles (containers that hold your Notes), and Tags (descriptive topic words you attach to Notes)…so I can search for items instead of having to browse through Dropbox folders and try to make sense of a filename.

Evernote Intro

These two videos provide an excellent overview of why and how to use Evernote.

Academic Uses

Some possible uses for faculty and students include:

  • Typing/Scanning and archiving lecture notes.
  • Typing/scanning and archiving research notes.
  • Recording audio lecture notes.
  • Brainstorming and archiving course syllabi.
  • Sharing public notes with classmates or your professor.
  • Snapping and archiving photos from field work.
  • Typing/Scanning and Archiving Meeting Notes.

This slideshow covers some of the best features and uses for students  and educators.

Premium Option*

Evernote comes packed with a ton of great features in the free version. For most people (especially if you are new to Evernote), the free account will work just fine. The personal Premium Plan upgrade is $45/year and includes more storage, tighter security, better indexing (PDFs and text-in-image), more full featured collaboration, and offline Notebooks you can access without an internet connection.

How Do You Use Evernote?

Are you an educator or student who already uses Evernote? Add a Comment to tell us how!