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The Pollak Library Has a New Website!

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Today the Pollak Library launched our brand new website!

Styled to match the look and feel of the new website theme that is rolling out campus-wide, the Pollak Library’s site has been redesigned and updated from the ground up. All content on our new site addresses five specific informational needs:

  • Library Research
  • Library Services
  • Visiting the Library
  • About the Library
  • Giving to the Library.

As we move towards the start of the spring semester, we will highlight key features on the new site, so that our students, faculty, staff, and extended campus community have as smooth a transition as possible into using the Library’s new website.

NOTE: At this time, one of our new features on our new website, called “Library Web” search, temporarily does not work right. This is the search box that allows you to search the main part of our website (i.e., for study rooms, computers, exhibits, etc.). Since we have a brand new site on a brand new server, it may take a couple of days for the Library’s Google Search Box — and public — to accurately re-index our new site so that our new web pages show up in your search results.  All other research search tools work just fine though, and behave exactly as they did before giving our website this new facelift.

New Website LibWeb Search
The “Library Web” search tool might take a couple of days to fully work, since we need to allow our Google Search Box to re-crawl the site and index our new web pages. All other search tools work just fine!

If you need help finding anything on the new site, or run into any technical issues, please Ask For Help at: