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Graduate Learning Specialist: Summer Workshops Begin!

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Are you a newly-minted graduate student? Are you a semester away from writing your thesis? Have you been struggling to meet the expectations of your program and professors? Are you interested in taking advantage of all the learning opportunities open to you as a graduate student at CSUF?

Have we got the perfect “summer school” for you!

This summer, the Graduate Learning Specialists and Graduate Support Specialists are offering workshops to help you make the most of your time at CSUF. Whether your professor has indicated that your writing needs work, or whether you’re interested in enhancing your extra-content writing and communication skills in order to meet your professional and personal goals, you will get the support you need this summer.

For academic skill support, check out the Writing and Study Skills Clinic and the Analytic and Evaluative Think Tank offerings beginning June 11th!

Writing and Study Skills Clinic topics are divided into two categories to help you focus on exactly what you need: Comprehensibility & Readability on Mondays; and Conventions of Academic Writing on Tuesdays. All workshops will be offered from 6-7 p.m. in UH 319.

  • June 11: Paraphrasing, Summarizing, Quoting 
  • June 12: Lit Reviews
  • June 18: Passive & Active Voice
  • June 19: Introductions
  • June 25: Adverbial Clauses and Transitioning:
  • June 26: Methods & Materials
  • July 2: Commas, Periods, and Cohesion
  • July 3: Results & Discussion
  • July 9Pronouns and Antecedent Referencing
  • July 10Abstracts
  • July 16: Noun Clauses and Self-Editing
  • July 17: Reprise-Audience Choice
  • July 23: Language and Word Choice Techniques
  • July 24: Reprise-Audience Choice
  • July 30: Organizing and Synthesizing Principles
  • July 31: Reprise-Audience Choice

Feel free to bring work or topics that might not be directly related to the workshop’s theme. Our job is to help you make the most of your graduate studies, and we’re more than happy to modify the program to meet the needs of you, the audience.

On Thursdays, come join us at the Analytic and Evaluative Think Tank, which focuses on the logical structure of academic writing and communication. We’ll discuss the underlying principles of breaking down and judging information that you read in your field. In this way, you can better build your own arguments for your intended audiences. The discussion begins at 6 p.m. in UH 319!

  • June 14Recognizing Deductive Arguments (and what to do with them)
  • June 21: Building Deductive Arguments (to create water tight logic structures)
  • June 28: Recognizing Inductive Arguments (and their validity in given contexts)
  • July 5: Building Inductive Arguments(for exploratory studies and drawing conclusions)
  • July 12: Evaluating Evidence (and what the field accepts as evidence)
  • July 19: Evaluating Perspective (and how your writing reflects it)
  • July 26: Evaluating Authority (and how it affects your use of sources)
  • August 2Evaluating Bias (and whether anything should be done about it)

We’ll also have one-to-one coaching on specific assignments and skills support! Email to make an appointment today! Wednesdays all appointments are held at the Irvine campus.

Check out our Graduate Studies page for more details.

Photo provided under Creative Commons via Flickr user Jacob Fricke.

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