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5 Tips for Effective Studying

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Do you want to improve your grades? One way you can improve your grades is by building good study habits.  In order to succeed in your classes, you must learn how to study properly. Here are 5 tips for effective studying:

  • Choose a proper time to study. Study during a time when you are alert and rested.
  • Choose a proper place to study. You want to study in a place where you will not be distracted. Pollak Library’s quiet study floor (3rd floor North) and group study rooms are excellent places to study.
  • If you have a test, don’t wait until the night before to do your studying! Space out your studying time by reviewing materials several times a week, focusing on one topic at a time.
  • Start off by studying the most important information. Learn the general concepts first, and then focus on learning the details.
  • If you plan to study in a group, be sure to study with people who are also serious about the test.

Finally, if you need more information about how to study effectively, there are several books at the Pollak Library. Happy studying and good luck!

Post originally written by Cathy Vu, former Science Librarian.


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