eBooks at the Pollak Library!

Did you know that the Pollak Library has a huge collection of full text electronic books waiting to be discovered?

About the collection

Currently, the Pollak Library provides access to over 38,000 ebooks through the online Catalog.

Our e-book collection covers a broad range of subject areas for academic, technical, and reference books.

How to find our ebooks

There are different approaches you can take to discovering our ebooks.

  • If you do a keyword or subject search in the Catalog and limit your search to internet resources only, you will access e-book titles on your searched topic, as well as other electronic sources such as government documents and ejournals.
  • You can also do a keyword or subject search and add the word, “ebook”, for example, “psychology and ebook”.

Accessing e-books is very easy.

  • Select your title from the list and click the link in the orange “Connect To” box.
  • In some cases however, due to the fact that the Library purchases e-books from several different vendors, you may be asked to login after clicking the link, to access the e-book.

So, the next time you’re researching from home and need a book, remember that a wealth of information is just a catalog search away!

Cynthia Bruns and Lin Ford contributed to this post.

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