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WARNING: Some Materials May Be Politically Incorrect!

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October is American Archives Month

The Freedom Center (FC), owned by the Pollak Library, is a collection of materials from groups across the political spectrum, most published in the twentieth century. Many of the groups are left and right of center grass-roots organizations, political action groups, religious societies, and folks promoting alternative lifestyles of various ilk.

What subjects are covered?

The Freedom CollectionStrengths of include the Cold War Era, Communism and anti-Communism, the anti-war movement during the Vietnam War, and peace movements protesting American involvement in Central America. There are materials about the counter-culture issues of the 1960s and 1970s such as civil rights, ecology, gay liberation, women’s liberation, plus the rights of children, students, and animals. Some materials are from extremist groups. The focus is on the United States but there are some international materials, such as pamphlets on apartheid from South Africa.

What types of materials are in the collection?

Lots of good stuff! Newsletters and newspapers plus books, pamphlets, clippings, correspondence, and campaign materials such as broadsides, posters, placards, bumper stickers, and buttons.

How do you find materials in the Freedom Center?

The Freedom CollectionSome items can be found by searching the Library’s online public catalog. There are also descriptive inventories and other aids located in the Freedom Center. But no worries! We have friendly and knowledgeable FC staff to help you. None of the materials check-out but exceptions may be made on a case by case basis by the special collections librarian.

Why does the Library have this collection?

  • To support research and study of alternative political, social, and religious movements in the twentieth century and beyond.
  • To preserve the historic record and primary materials from this period.

Location: 3rd Floor of Library South!
Hours: Mon. & Tues. 1pm – 4 p.m., Wed. thru Fri. 9am – Noon

This post was originally authored by Teresa Malinowsky, former Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian