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Statistics anyone? Check out the 2010 Statistical Abstract of the United States

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Don’t read all about it . . .

The number of daily newspapers in the U.S. declined from 1,480 in 2000 to 1,408 in 2008. (Table 1098)

In 2007, the nation’s 16,604 libraries collectively had an average of 12.5 public-use computers connected to the Internet per library. (Tables 1115 and 1116)

In 2007, the average consumer spent $1,110 on telephone services. (Table 1111)

In 2008, there were more than 270 million cell phone subscribers; they paid an average monthly bill of $50 with the average call lasting 2.5 minutes. (Table 1112)

Staying Healthy . . .

There were more than 20,000 farms in 2007 engaged in organic production on more than 2.5 million acres. (Table 807).

In 2007, the complementary and alternative medicine therapies most commonly used by U.S. adults in the past 12 months were nonvitamin, nonmineral and natural products (17.7 percent), deep breathing exercises (12.7 percent), meditation (9.4 percent), chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation (8.6 percent), massage (8.3 percent) and yoga (6.1 percent). (Table 161)

The above statistics, and a whole lot more, are available in the latest edition of the Statistical Abstract of the United States, the federal government’s best-selling reference book, published since 1878 before automobiles, airplanes and motion pictures had even been invented. Contained in the 129th edition are more than 1,400 tables of social, political and economic facts which collectively describe the state of our nation and the world. Included are 53 new tables, covering topics such as worldwide space launch events this decade, the use of complementary and alternative medicine, the type of work flexibility provided to employees, employment status of veterans and road fatalities by country.

The Statistical Abstract is freely available online at Statistical Abstracts Series. And a print copy is kept at the Reference Desk.


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