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LP’s at the Library

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In the age of MP3s and iPods you may be surprised to know that the library has a hidden treasure of music…in vinyl. That’s right, vinyl. As in, records. LP’s. Grooved discs. Licorice Pizza.

If you’ve never heard of any of these terms, you’ve likely grown up in the digital age without the experience of vinyl. Before MP3, before CDs, before audio cassettes, there were vinyl records– those spinning discs that produced fantastic sounds (crackles and ambiance included).

The library has amassed over 12,000 vinyl records in all genres: classical, pop & rock, folk, show tunes, and even spoken word (great speeches, like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King). They’re all located on the open shelves of the 4th floor North of the library. We also have 25 turntable stations where you can listen to them Check the Library Catalog and come experience a blast from the past: enjoy some vinyl!


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