Have you taken our library hours survey?

Do our new library hours meet your needs?


Do you need the Library open more hours? Or are you still able to get books/materials and do your research, studying, and computer work within our current hours structure?

We would like to hear your answers!

You only have until 5pm on Tuesday to take our survey.

NOTE: Because the free web survey service we initially used will only accept 100 responses, we had to move to this new poll format to continue running the survey through its deadline. All previous results have been saved, and will be calculated in with these results. We apologize for the mix-up.

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83 thoughts on “Have you taken our library hours survey?

  1. John Belleci

    I think it shoould be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Of cours with limited service in the late night hours and weekends. But I really think being able to use reference materials and computers and copiers at any time is vital.

  2. Mohannad Yousef

    It is ridiculous to cut library hours, it is bad enough that they have assigned furlough day and cut funding to major teaching labs and they still continue to build new structures and open new programs which cost tons of money and much funding. I think it is best if library hours would return as they were before.

  3. Chantal

    the library is a place where we have access to help as well as a place to get away to focus and study and get work done. it is very helpful when the library is open during the weekend and later during the week because it is a quiet place where we can focus and get things done.

  4. Oscar

    I realize the school took a huge budget cut but I believe having the library open longer would be beneficial to many students. Even prior to the reduction in hours, I thought the library already closed too early Mon. through Fri. I would like to have the library open until at least midnight and I’m sure others students wouldn’t disagree. Thanks for hearing me out.

  5. Mariea

    It is shame to see that the most important areas on campus (i.e. the Library) are being shut down too early while there are other places that do not need to be open on Saturday and Sunday. Students are here to learn and apply themselves, so the university should try to support that ideal.

  6. Crystal

    It would be great if the library was open on the weekends at least from 9am/10am until 5pm/7pm so students who have group assignments can easily meet. Also, it makes it feasible for those who do not own a car but live near campus to just walk over.

  7. Jaynee

    Having the library open at 8:00am is a problem for those of use who need to work on and print assignments for 8:00 and 8:30am classes. I think it would benefit everyone to open the library earlier, and just closing it earlier.

  8. Sonia Hasso

    Library hours need to be lengthened by opening earlier during the week at 6 or 7 a.m. Not all students start class at 8 a.m.

  9. Fernando

    I want the library to open earlier during weekdays. I was satisfied with 7:30 am, but now it opends until 8 am. That’s a half hour that I could have used to study on the 3rd floor.

  10. Linda Dickey, MSW Student

    The library needs to open earlier in the morning. I loose so much study and writing time when I can’t gain access until after 8:00. Also, Sunday afternoon is a major study and research time for me. The closed library only makes it more difficult to complete assignments. This has forced myself and many of my cohort to seek out other institutions that do not close their libraries.

    This university offers graduate programs and the quality of its library should reflect the level of work expected of graduate students.

  11. gabriela serrano

    I agree that we definitely need the library open for longer hours during the week as well as in Sunday. For example today is Sunday,and it’s the one day I could go and do research,and study in quiet place.

  12. Daniel

    I believe the library should definitely be open on Sundays. Noon till seven would be great hours. And if the cost of lighting is an issue, turn less lights on!!

  13. Jisu Ha

    I hope to visit library at Sunday because I am foreign student without any social relationship in Sunday. Additionally, I am living near the Campus, for it will be better for me to study if the library will be opened in Sunday.
    Thank you.

  14. Alex Yepiz

    As a historian, the library is not only important for me, it is essential. The librarians are always there to help me out with my research, my questions, and my needs.
    If students are to receive a “quality” education, then it is necessary to provide quality library assistance. To remove hours or people from the one place a student goes to get the “best” information on our research is to cheapen the “quality” of the education any university professes to claim. I beg you for the sake of our eager minds for knowledge to not limit them by cutting our base of information. Do the right thing for us–we are your future..

  15. Dan Blackaby

    The library hours are vital, especially for students like me who can’t get to the library during traditional “bankers hours”.

  16. Kevin Jones

    No library on Sunday! Thats is when the library is most utilized. Students have been trained to cram information or meet stringent deadlines and Sunday is our golden time to hide from the roommates and business that Is Orange County and flee to a dark, stack filled floor in hopes to finish the work that Friday and Saturday let bye. Please dont respond with an email detailing study habits, this is the way I do things and this Closing the library on Sundays business and throwing a wrench in my works. Please re-open Sunday Library hours.
    Kevin Jones

  17. Kyle Walker

    It is absolutely crucial that the library be open on Sunday but even more so that it is open more hours during the week for students, like myself, who’s subject is based on research. The library is an amazing tool that all students need in order to successfully meet the standards set by the university. If we hope to continue to produce the best college graduates and graduate students possible we MUST have the library open and available at all time. In addition to that being a history student the use of the ILL is something that makes my job possible and if this was ever a thought to be a place to cut funds from it would make research for any historian at any level virtually impossible. Students will go elsewhere, namely other universities, if CSUF does not provided the necessary resources to complete our research in a professional manner.

  18. Lauren

    The knowledge that the library contains is vast, and it is one of the most important resources on campus. It is important for all students to have and equal chance to use it, including those with only night class and those unable to attend it during the daytime hours. How can students be expected to write papers and further their knowledge if the library is closed. Cutting library hours sends the message that CSUF does not emphasize education, but rather emphasizes business, since the tsu managed to get more hours.

  19. gloria monti

    i repeat my comment, to close a university library on sundays is simply unconscionable. moreover, this is the very first university library that closes at 10:00PM on weekdays. the average closing time is usually midnight and some stellar schools stay open till 2:00AM. no wonder our students never set foot inside pollak. there’s no incentive for them to do so.

  20. Tatiana

    The Library is a prime source for information, education, and a free space that is quiet and not as sterile as other places on campus.

    It represents what it is to be a student, as well as provides resources to become a better learner.

    Thank You

  21. Jay

    The library has proved to be a place where I can do work and study in a quiet place, I am sure classmates find this to be true for them. And although I understand that research materials and librarian help can be accessed from our own homes, I think it is also important to have a place on campus where students have resources at their disposition.

  22. Sandy Arenas

    I think the library should be open at 7 or 7:30 am Monday-Thursday. There are classes that begin at 7 or 7:30 and some students may not have computers at home and need to print or use the computer just before class starts.

  23. unknown

    I have night class and carpool with a friend, when I get out early the library is a safe place to study and wait for my friend. With it closed I have to walk around campus from the Computer science building to the TSU at night, and it’s pretty dark and scary.

  24. David Yankauskas

    What is the point of even having a library when the newest book in there IS MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLD!?!?! Our library is the most pathetic library I have ever been to! My moms elementary school and my high school has better books, that are actually usefull, than our pathetic library! I have been looking for text books along with many other books and I haven’t rented one book from our library cuz of what I just stated. Every book I have ever received in the last 2.5 years was via ILLIAD! NOT CSUF!!! CSUF is supposedly a well reknown college but has books older than the students that attend it!!! I’m so disappointed in everything CSUF has to offer! Thank god this is my last semester there! PATHETIC!!!

  25. jazmin

    library needs to open earlier than 8am for those of us who have 7am classes and need to use resources in library like computers, printers and copiers.

  26. Kaiyi Wang

    I really need library hours on sunday, since my roommates are too noisy on the weekend. Library is the best place to study for me.

  27. annomous

    I have class at 8 and i dont have a printer at home! When the library opens at 8, it takes forever for the computer to load and the printers to load too!… causing me to be late to class all the time! the library can’t open 30 mins eariler? or at leas 15 mins earlier? ughh…

  28. Joshua Choe

    More funding has to be put into a library that is intended to be used by College students. Doesn’t necessarily mean more workers and such. Just more hours(leaving the library open till 10:30 – 12:00) and to be able to enough research material to go around.

  29. Stephanie Coughtry

    It seems that the board has forgotten that this is primarily an EDUCATIONAL institution. We need the library to be open as much as possible because most of us work. My personal needs are for late on weekdays. The library should be open ANY TIME CLASSES ARE TAKING PLACE (ie 7-10).

  30. Hans Holborn

    I am fully cognizant of the fact that tuition fees and student fees go to fund different aspects of the college. However, to cut Library hours is ridiculous. The library serves as the primary location for research and study rooms. To further limit the hours of operation only hinders the education process and reflects poorly on administration’s ability to adhere to the needs of its students. There’s always money to be taken from somewhere, i.e. cut the basket weaving courses and we all can dicern which ones those are. The active display of student outcries should serve as a testamnet to the administation when derterming the library’s next move on this issue.

  31. Katie

    We need later hours, 9:00 is not late enough during midterms. My study group wanted to meet in the libray last week after a class study session, but we couldn’t because it closed at 9:00. So we had to go to the TSU until 10:00 because they close. We then had to resort to the Denny’s by CSUF where we were able to study till 12:30.

  32. Lyssa Gettys

    I think it is good to be aware that the library is a safe public space, not only for students to work and learn. It’s also a safe place to go when a students safety is jeopardized either on campus or in the home sphere.

  33. Lindsay

    I agree that the library should stay open at least until 2am. A lot of students dont even get out of class until 9:45pm during the week, and need to have a place to study/ do homework after class.

  34. Aaron

    I agree that the library should at least stay open until 12a.m. The 9p.m. closing time makes it difficult for study groups to meet and have productive study sessions, especially when some people class ends at 9:45.

  35. Megan

    It’s a frickin college library. aren’t those supposed to be open all the time? I mean c’mon, some people live in library… right?

  36. Crystal

    Ditto, Tiffany! I get to school early in the morning so I can study & catch up on homework and whatnot, but the library isn’t open for me to do so. =-(

  37. Nicole

    I would like to see the library open earlier. There is no place on campus to go when I arrive at 7am. The library and other computer labs have lines at them with students waiting to get in as soon as possible, proof that we could use the library open earlier.


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