Have you taken our library hours survey?

Do our new library hours meet your needs?


Do you need the Library open more hours? Or are you still able to get books/materials and do your research, studying, and computer work within our current hours structure?

We would like to hear your answers!

You only have until 5pm on Tuesday to take our survey.

NOTE: Because the free web survey service we initially used will only accept 100 responses, we had to move to this new poll format to continue running the survey through its deadline. All previous results have been saved, and will be calculated in with these results. We apologize for the mix-up.

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83 thoughts on “Have you taken our library hours survey?

  1. Q

    Please help the students! We are already suffering with cancelled classes and fee increases. Cutting library hours is detrimental to out state of mind and academic needs. If these negative changes continue, how will the CSU system expect to produce quality students to run our future? Our numbers are dwindling! We are losing students with this budget crisis. This is our cry for help, so please HELP! We need our library hours. Thank you in advance. -Q

  2. Alyssa Walters

    It would be nice if the library were open 24/7 all the time, instead of just finals week, but this is a ridiculous request. It would be more reasonable to ask for it to be open until midnight or maybe 1AM. This creates less of a restriction on study time, considering some students work late after a hard day at school. It would also be more convenient for everyone if it were open on Sundays and later on Fridays and Saturdays.

  3. monica

    LIBRARY SHOULD OPEN ON SUNDAY!!! THERE’S NOT ENOUGH TABLE SPACE AT TSU!! also it should open late night!! at least till 12AM! especcially sunday! that’s when students catch up on their assignments!!

  4. Teresa Garcia

    Personally it doesn’t sit well with me that the recreation center is open later than the library. It stays open until 11:00 pm. Why is recreation held in higher regard than academics at CSUF? The library should certainly be open more hours than the rec center. This is a major blow to students who still utilize library sources and study into the later hours of the night. Signs around campus remind us that we need to study “25-35 hours a week”, it would be easier to do so if the hub of study space were more available.

  5. David Kloster

    The library should be open 7 days a week and later on weekdays. The 24 hour idea sounds good to me too.

  6. allie

    I would prefer that the library open earlier, before the first class begins. Sometimes some last minute research or printing is needed before an 8 am class.


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